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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

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The elite Operators of Rainbow Six are now united to face a common enemy: a highly lethal alien threat known as the Archaeans.

No incursion is the same in this robust and highly replayable 3-player tactical co-op first-person shooter. Greater rewards can be found the further you infiltrate the containment zone – but there’s higher risk too. You’ll have to make it out alive to claim your loot.

Knowledge, cooperation and a tactical approach are your best weapons against this deadly threat.

Lead elite Rainbow Six operators

Strategically assemble a squad of 1-3 Operators to accomplish your objective. With 18 Operators to choose from, there are over 800 three-player team possibilities. Level up each Operator to unlock their upgraded weapons, abilities, and skills.

Risk it all in containment zones

Explore 12 thoughtfully-designed maps featuring dynamic variables such as objectives, enemies, spawn points and sprawl. Each map has 3 zones – the deeper you go, the harder it gets. But with this risk come greater rewards, so you’ll have to ask yourself how far you’re willing to go.

Fight the Archaeans

Be prepared to fight a lethal, unpredictable and constantly evolving alien threat. Featuring 13 enemy archetypes with distinctive abilities, your team will need to work together to stay ahead.

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