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Apple AirTags price, release date, news and features

Apple AirTags price, release date, news and features

Apple AirTags have finally been revealed during the latest Apple Event: a Tile-like tracker you can attach to anything and find using the global network of Apple devices that exist in the world.

So what are AirTags? The idea is you clip one of these to any item you feel you don't want to lose, you'll be able to track it from an Apple device using the improved Find My app.

After years of rumors about their emergence, finally, AirTags are here as accessories to track your items using the Find My network of iPhones and other Apple devices, so you can have more confidence that they'll be spotted digitally sooner rather than later.

What we know and to expect

  • What is it? Location trackers to help you keep track of personal items
  • When is it out? April 30, pre-order April 23
  • How much will it cost? $29 for one, $99 for a four-pack

AirTags start at $29 (around £20 / ₦15,000) for one or $99 (around £70 / ₦49,000) for a four-pack. Apple provides accessories for the AirTags such as keychains. Cheaper accessories to be available possibly later.

Pretty unusual for an Apple device, but the AirTag is powered by a removable CR2032 battery that can easily be replaced whenever it runs out.


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